Is your team still sporting headwear with random, mix-matched brands? With so many options for headwear, you can expand your uniform to include team-branded apparel from head to toe.

Outside sports require sun protection, and custom headwear is the perfect solution to keep your team looking united.

We offer hats, headbands, and visors, which all look great with embroidered logos. Choose the same color as your jersey or team t-shirt, or use your team’s secondary color to add another pop of color to your style.

Add Something Unique

If you’ve already got your team name and logo covered on your uniform, consider adding a message to your headwear. Words and phrases like “Keep fighting”, “Don’t settle”, and “State Champions” can invoke team spirit and intimidate your opponents. Or, keep things fun with an inside joke or hashtag that only your team gets. Headwear is a subtle way to incorporate some fun into your uniform, especially for team practices which don’t have any apparel rules.